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Blue Mountain Center is a
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Blue Mountain Center's Workshops


Dr. Verna V. Aridon Yater

You will experience vibrational healing, sound healing and experiences to lift you into higher dimensions and shift your perceptions and intentions.

Many who have come to the mountain have changed and improve their relationships, changed or improved their jobs, have become focused, have found their life's mission or meaning for all they do.

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Seekers of Truth

Beloved Verna Yater crossed into Spirit on Good Friday, March 21st. in Santa Barbara.

Dr Yater's work on transforming the consciousness of mankind was deep and profound, whether through a trance channeled session, healing session or Evening with Spirit, with the Spirit Doctors and Indira Latari. She always brought in powerful energies which worked for days after any event.

Often participants wondered, “How did I get here?